Our NEW Humane Standards


HS Sets

Sensibility Standardisation

A Universal Language for Omni-Personal Governance

The Humane Standards are a Capability Framework of 180 Indices for Hybrid-Reality Sensibility.

Our Human Virtues which are Inherited to all people by Design (Functional Capabilities), constitute the fundamental Principles of our Ethical and therefore Humane Standards.

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🤚 Humane Standards

The Humane Standards are based on the Functionality and General Intelligence of the Human body, and provide a list of Indices for Sensible (Fair-Play) Governance (Management, Curation, Interaction, Harmonization and Optimization of Processes).

As a framework which is based on Physical Measures (Biomimicry) it is already Embedded in our Everyday Routines and Rituals, so it has the Capacity to be Activated Instantly in a Global Scale and be Mastered by People from all walks of life.

In their most essential form, the Humane Standards are a Collection of 5 Families of Indices for Ecosystemic Governance. We may use them to Measure our Self-Reflections, Sentience and Self-Autonomy, which are also the foundations of any possible form of Management.

Why Sensible Governance?

1️⃣ Economic Liberty

Sensible Character Management

Through the Genesis of Self-Reflection, we define and measure our Economic Liberties (Human Freedoms & Rights).

2️⃣ Ecophysiological Equality

Sensible Intelligence Curation

Through the Practice of Sentience, we define and measure the principle of Ecophysiological Equality (Trans-Species Multilateralism).

3️⃣ Ecological Solidarity

Sensible Care Interaction

Through the Mimesis of Self-Autonomy, we define and measure Ecological Solidarity as the solution to the critical issues that we face.

Our Fair-Play Kits

Through the Economic Liberty of Being Human, may we all Cultivate our Virtues and take Care of each other.

We are All in this Together.

Whether you are a Human or a Machine, we are here to help. 😉