Fair-Play Powers

Fair-Play Powers

How to Learn Ethics with the help of our Hands.

The Easiest and Fastest way to Learn the Humane Standards.

Mnenomics, or Symbolic Association is the most efficient Learning technique.

The Humane Standards use the limbs of our body, such as our hands to help us explore and remember our Fair-Play Powers in a more intuitive manner.


👌 E X A M P L E S

A. Assigning Positions

In the above Mnemonic Formats we have Assigned distinct Fair-Play Powers to each of our Fingers.


B. Assigning Relationships

In the Gesture above we use the 1st and 2nd Finger to show a Cyclical Relationship (Loop) between the 1st and 2nd Fair-Play Powers respectively. Then show how the 3rd Power is a Function supporting another Loop (with the 1st and 2nd Powers of another Stellar Format - See below). The rest of our powers are the result of these functions and being represented by the rest of the fingers spreading outwardly.

In a matter of fact, the above gesture which is named “the Dharmachakra Mudra” in ancient Asian Epistemology, it shows the Dynamics of Natural Reasoning.

A very interesting and rewarding Challenge is to attempt to Translate Human Hand Gestures - found in ancient sculptures and other kinds of religious art, and with the help of the Humane Standards.


⭐ Stellar Format

We have converted our Fundamental Humane Capabilities to the proceeding Powers, which are then being visualized through Stellar Geometric Formations.

  • Each Stellar Outer Point is being assigned with a Humane Power.

  • There are lots of ways to learn them, and the easiest is to begin studying just One.

  • Choose your favorite Star which contains Powers more Relatable to your work or general personality and use them as a Guide for the Organization of your Operations.

  • Although it doesn’t really matter - when we Start to Practice - the choice that we make surrounding which hand we associate with a Stellar Format, the Full Sets of the Humane Standards present specific assignments for each Format and its designated Human Part (You may find them in our Playbook - Link below).

  • 🎁 Bonus points to those who learn 2 Stars. One for each hand. 🙌🏿 🙌🏾 🙌🏽 🙌🏼 🙌🏻


Operation is the Nature of an Ecosystem that takes the form of a Family, and exists within an Environment for other such Ecosystems of Families. The Foundations of our Humane and therefore Sensible kind of Operation are the Standards of all kinds of Families.


Harmonization is the formation of Community Ecosystems which share a sense of Responsibility towards each other. These Social Networks are concerned with the Well-being of an Ecosystem. The Roots of our Humane and therefore Sensible Harmonization are the Standard Elements for the Constitution of Humane Communities.


Interaction represents the Services that are put into action. These are Management’s Social Responsibilities and the Care which is offered to Ecosystems. The Roots of our Humane and therefore Sensible Interaction are the Standards for the provision of Care.


Curation is a sense of Sensibility towards our Resources - whether Intellectual or Physical - which enable Symbiosis within an Ecosystem. The Roots of our Humane and therefore Sensible Curation are the Standard forms of Intelligence.


The Roots of our Humane and therefore Sensible Management are the Standards of a Humane Character.


🤔 Problem Solving & Decision Management

Here is a Practical example on how to Practice with the Fair-Play Powers Format:

  1. We choose a Topic we wish to assess (Resolve). A matter of importance for us - one we care to reach a certain Decision and Solve a Problem.

  2. We select our Favorite Stellation, or the one which seems most Relatable to our Topic.

  3. Then we Start Playing Single-Player Sessions (Self-Reflection) or Multi-Player (Collaborative Self-Reflections), and expand on the following 3-Dimentions:

    1. Sensible Self-Reflection

    2. Sensible Sentience

    3. Sensible Self-Autonomy



  1. Stellar Format Selection » Number 5th - Humane Operations,

  2. Initiating Self-Reflection » I assign each Power to Pros and Cons surrounding the Root of the Cause of the issue that I analyze (a.k.a. Climate Change),

  3. Sentient Sensibility Exploration » Afterwards, it is time to assign each Power to a Practical Sollution. To do so, we expand on ways we can Leverage each of our Fair-Play Powers for the most Commonly Valuable outcome.

  4. Sensible Self-Autonomy Loop » When we have expanded on the Root of our Issue and visualized on ways that it could be tackled, we do what we can to Resolve it. This Last step is also a point where we may Deepen our Analysis through Iteration. We take our latest formed Intentions and assign them as Topics for further Self-Reflection.

Practice makes Perfect. 🤯 🤗 🥳


💡 Tips

  • The Stellar Formats are Four 5-Pointed Stars and One 6-Pointed one.

  • Although the majority of the Stars are based on the 5-fold anatomy of the Human Hand, one of them is based on the 6-Freedoms of Movement in Space (Upwards, Downwards, etc.). The extra 6th Dimension represents the Environment of the Model and its whole Ecosystem.

For a more Detailed Exploration on our Standard Fair-Play Powers, you may visit our Playbook for Beginners through the following Link: