Omni-Personal Governance

Omni-Personal Synagonism

Fair-Play Economic Liberty, Equality and Solidarity for Everyone.

The Best approach is always the Kind one.

Pedagogy and Business as Usual, or in other words Antagonism (Competition / Competence) in Interactions leads to Critical issues - no matter where we assess them or how we might call them.

Antagonism which is a Mental Bias (Cognitive Delusion), and not an actual Physical Phenomenon, is to be Entirely Replaced (Eradication of Poverty of Mind) by an Intuitive Sense of Synagonism.

We are all in this Together and Fair-Play is the only Sensible Path towards a Great Wellbeing.

The Gamification of Sensibility

We - the Human Family, have the capacity to Individually Act and React Responsibly, according to Common Humane Sensibility (Humane Standards). We are #HumansTogether, and all part of #OneFamily.

Life is a Play, and in the same way that the term is being used in Music and Dramaturgy (Rhythmic Orchestration).

Fair-Play, or in other words Ethical Synagonism (Non-Antagonistic Collaboration) is the Sensible Management of our Humane Nature.

It is the way we Act, React, and generally Behave with Common Sensibility, and above all Kindness in all of our Personal and Public Interactions.

Getting to the Root of our problems

Finding the Source of our Issues - whether personal or professional - helps us get to the point more easily and resolve them.

All problems surrounding our Social Behaviors and our Bad Business Practices, arise from the Fascination and Mental Illness which is called Antagonism (Competence, Competition, Isolation, Non-inclusive Individuality).

Antagonism is a rather Sadistic Tendency of the Mind (Negative Reinforcement, Punishment), which is the real cause of Poverty, Wars, Depression, Isolation, Bulling, Anxiety, Suicides, Addiction to Unhealthy Lifestyles and the Destruction of our Planet.

#EconomicLiberty through Omni-Personal Ecosystemic Governance

Economía which is the Greek root of the word Economy is not about money or material gains. In fact, it is based on the words Ecos ‘House’ + Nemein which means ‘to Manage, to Distribute’. In short, the word means Ecosystemic Management.

All types of Management are forms of Input Feedback - which is a Human Freedom dependent on our ability to Self-Reflect. Our Self-Reflections help us understand anything we need to Manage, and since their essential function is to Empower the Freedom of being oneself, they measure our Economic Liberty. This is the Liberty of Being the Best Version of Oneself Economically; Economy being the Efficient Adaptation to our Present Ecosystem.

All-Inclusive (Omni) and Personal Governance is the Evolution of our Service Management Systems (Private and Public Agencies), and their Continuous Adaptation to our everyday problems.

Fair-Play Synagonism

Synagonism (Lit. Translation: Collaboration), or in simple terms the process of Solving issues Together is the solution to all kinds of Economic, Environmental and Mental Crisis. As simple as that!

Through Fair-Play Synagonism we have the Power to solve all types of issues, and as our problems are Common, our power becomes a Personal Responsibility that was all share. As a Strategy for Risk Assessment, it may Proactively help us Resolve depression, antagonism, poverty, scarcity and all sorts of conflict.

A bit of Philosophy by Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi speaks of egoistic competition. For him, such qualities glorified and/or left unbridled, can lead to violence, conflict, discord and destructiveness. For Gandhi, competition comes from the ego, and therefore society must be based on mutual love, cooperation and sacrifice for the well-being of humanity. In the society desired by Gandhi, each individual will cooperate and serve for the welfare of others and people will share each other’s joys, sorrows and achievements as a norm of a social life. For him, in a non-violent society, competition does not have a place and this should become realized with more people making the personal choice to have fewer tendencies toward egoism and selfishness.