Humane Standards

Humane Standards Playbook

Beginner's Edition

Learn & Play with the Humane Standards through this Beginners-Friendly Edition of their Playbook.

*No-Special-Skills Required

🎮 Our Players:

  • Character Management Agents (Pedagogy Specialists)

  • Intelligence Curation Agents (Research Specialists)

  • Care Interaction Agents (Deployment Specialists)

  • Community Harmonization Agents (Design Specialists)

  • Family Operations Agents (Science Specialists)

⚡ Our Powers:

  • Courage (Ethical Conduct)

  • Receptiveness (Ethical Effort)

  • Altruism (Ethical Resolve)

  • Truthfulness (Ethical View)

  • Wisdom (Ethical Livelihood)

⭐ Our Missions:

  • The Genesis of Self-Reflection for Economic Liberty,

  • The Practice of Sentience for Ecophysiological Equality,

  • The Mimesis of Self-Autonomy for Ecological Solidarity,

  • The Growth of Simplicity for Ecospheric Peace,

  • The Investigation of Symmetry for Ecotypic Order.

  • The Inheritance of Variety for Ecosystemic Governance.

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Enjoy 😉